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Very pleased to have you here, your presence is very important, because here you will have the opportunity to know a little more about me and how the Canal Olho no Óleo came about .

I Fabrício Galvani working since my early age, I am a Postgraduate MBA in Business Management, with a background in Economic Sciences, working with lubricants since 2009, something that I identified myself from the beginning, and I saw that this relationship was more intense than I imagined when I decided to create the Olho no Óleo channel, due to my needs as a salesperson to obtain information about lubricants that could help me on a daily basis.


As I could not easily find such information on the internet, I had to call call centers, seek help from technicians from the production companies to answer questions about applications and product equivalences, due to this difficulty and with special support from my wife Talita, I decided to give start sharing information, tips and applications on the first Brazilian channel on lubricating oils on YouTube.

I remember as if it were today the recording of my first video, with a borrowed camera, all improvised, but with the same objective as today: to share .

Since the beginning of the creation of the channel, in 2014, I could see the real need and lack of clear information in this field of lubricating oils here in our country, and much more when it comes to the comparison of lubricants.

For this reason, I launched at the beginning of 2018 Olho no Oil Mais , a signed channel where I have the opportunity to carry out a standardized physical-chemical analysis of new lubricants, together with our partner ALS Global (the largest lubricant analysis laboratory in the world) and so we compare equivalent products in the Brazilian market, we will do a detailed monitoring of each lubricant.

Subscribers of Olho no Óleo Mais can count on an exclusive benefit: discounts on Courses offered by AEA (Brazilian Association of Automotive Engineering), finding great prices on a huge variety of lubricants offered by the partner store Bossoni Auto Parts .


From 2019 I started a new and challenging stage: T&D Olho no Oil , Training and Development for those who want and need support to improve their results or improve their techniques in the field of lubricants and oil changes.

And, in this same period, I also started to make available an online and free consultation tool, the OEM BUSCADOR , where you can find which products in the Brazilian market meet the OEM approvals or satisfy the performance levels , all very fast and easy, just type the automaker's standard and ready!

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